MotorHome Owners!



Are you a motorhome owner?   Would you like your motorhome to earn some money instead of sitting on your driveway ?


We have four units of our own which we have hired out over the last few years.  One of our units had a 72% occupancy in one season but we expect to average 60% in the season with some hires taking place every month.   Whilst we cannot guarantee any % we can say that our enquiries exceed our current capability to supply.  To fill these enquiries we would like to have more motorhomes available.


Would you like to offset some of your costs.


At no cost to yourselves we would like to be in a position to offer your motorhome for hire on our web site.


If you are interested please get in touch  NOW.  We can even offer to store on our site and make ready your vehicle for hire if this arrangement suits you better than having it sitting on your drive.


Please Contact Us  NOW


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